Our products compliment lab testing and 1065 Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) with our unique integrated equipment.


With the addition of a NO/NO2 (NOx)/CO2 GasMOD™ Sensor Cartridge, the parSYNC© PLUS meets all your iPEMS needs.

Provides quick and accurate on-road / non-road emissions measurements.

Provides a complete, self contained, and fully automated system for enhancing both ambient and active flow particle counts, as well as a complete calibration process.

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3DATX Corporation

3DATX Corporation develops and manufactures next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets. We manufacture a range of accurate, low-cost, and ultra light-weight portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that make field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening practical on a mass scale.

The Democratization of Vehicle Emissions Testing


PSN White Paper

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The parSYNC® just got better. Introducing the NOx/CO2 GasMOD™ Sensor Cartridge. With new and improved electronics, and an expansion slot for both a PM Sensor Cartridge AND a GasMOD™ Sensor Cartridge for NOx and CO2, integrated Portable Emissions Measurement Systems...

VW – Gaming the System: Consent Decree, “Part II – The Sequel”?

By David Miller The VW Corporation, like their Beetle model, has recently gone “retro”. VW pulled out a software trick from the 1990’s fuel & emissions playbook – and it is turning out exactly the same way today as it did in 1999. But first, a little more...

CA/GE™ Development

3DATX IS PLEASED TO INTRODUCE the CA/GE™ System - the first true Particle Measurement/Number Calibrator/Generator Simulation System on the market. The next-generation of iPEMS – Integrated Portable Emissions Measurement Systems – require the ability to ensure that...