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3DATX introduces parSYNC® – A transportation industry breakthrough

3DATX Corporation is a Buffalo based manufacturer of next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets.  Our invention, the parSYNC iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System) is the culmination of three years of intensive research and development.  This product – coupled with the Volkswagen emissions scandal – has created the “perfect storm” for a global opportunity in the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions testing marketplace.

The key benefit of our product is its utility and range of uses. 3DATX parSYNC device provides global fleet managers, governmental regulators, Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) program managers, and university researchers with a real-world emissions measurement system that is affordable, ultra-portable, and easy to use and maintain for field testing.

The 3DATX parSYNC device is the first integrated portable emissions measurement system (iPEMS) for the transportation and power gen industries – representing significant cost savings for the customer.  parSYNC utilizes a unique, miniaturized multi-chamber and replaceable patent- pending “Sensor Cartridge” designed to obtain real-time particulate matter and particulate number (PM/PN) performance data from diesel engines; the parSYNC PLUS unit has an expansion slot for the GasMOD Sensor Cartridge for NOx and CO2 – with capabilities for additional criteria and greenhouse gas pollutants.

Additionally, 3DATX Corporation has developed the only commercially available particle calibrator and generator system for a PEMS device. The patent-pending 3DATX CA/GE(Calibrator/Generator) system has been designed specifically for the parSYNC and parSYNC PLUS, but can also be used by other PEMS equipment as well as clean rooms and laboratories.

3DATX has developed a high impact business model that encompasses products and services with recurring revenue  in five areas: Precision Devices and Engineered Data Solutions, SensorTech Manufacturing, Cartridge Replacement and System Calibrations, Warranty/Repair Services, and Turnkey Inspection & Maintenance Outsourcing/Leasing model based upon our proprietary intellectual property portfolio.  Beta testing with university research, regulators and key industry experts has yielded impressive results and generated peer-reviewable data, thereby validating the scientific and market viability of the core platform.  As a result, 3DATX Corporation has recently been approached by multiple worldwide agencies, groups, universities, and OEMs for the next round of production, and is presently seeking funding to support our smooth and effective transition to full scale commercialization at our facility in Buffalo, New York.

The 3DATX mission / vision: 3-Dimensional Data Exchange

Transportation fleet managers now have an important means of managing the complex and critical risks associated with complex fleet asset management by harnessing the power of the 3DATX 3-dimensional data exchange.  3DATX has created a powerful information platform employing the analytical comparison of Big Data and resident customer vehicle performance data.  The process of employing a 3-dimensional comparison and analysis of transportation performance data in real time results in the ability of fleet managers to more effectively design, maintain and manage one of corporate America’s largest financial assets.  The 3DATX 3-dimensional data analytical capability results in a superior road map for the optimization of fleet asset / risk management.

The 3DATX Management Team:  Focused on Customer Goals / Objectives

Creating solutions for complex fleet management challenges requires a multi-dimensional and tactical solutions-based approach. 3DATX has assembled a solid group of transportation and industry research veterans to guide the products and services development process. The 3DATX team’s depth of experience across all areas of the transportation industry ensures that our customers have access to one of the most important new thought leadership teams presently available today. [See 3DATX Team Page.]