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David W. Miller, Chief Executive Officer

Dave has over 17 years of experience in transportation sustainability and alternative fuels.  In 1999, Dave co-founded Clean Air Technologies Inc., the first company to manufacture a “Portable Emissions Measurement System” (PEMS).   Clean Air PEMS became the first EPA “Equipment Testing Verification” approved GHG system. Dave’s work has been featured on the Discovery Channel; co-author on five patents-pending, including: PEMS, Mobile Emission Reduction Credits, Measure Report Verify, Alternative Fuels and Technology evaluations.  Dave is a Veteran who served in the Intel and Code breaking fields., Ext. 202




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Jodi Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Jodi was instrumental in helping to found 3DATX Corporation.  She has over 20 years of human resource experience, and has an extensive background in paralegal, contracting, organizational, and administrative expertise. She has a deep background as an entrepreneur, having co-founded cognoGEN!X, Inc. a Buffalo, New York consulting firm, and managed the company since 2012. In her previous roles, she has provided overall organization management to improve client performance and to achieve mission and goals through strategic and performance planning, measurement, analysis, and regular progress assessment.

Jodi is responsible for managing 3DATX’s human, financial, and other resources to achieve intended program results efficiently, economically, and effectively., Ext. 205




Nolan Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer

A retired USMC Colonel and business executive with proven ability to lead international distributed teams in developing solutions to complex problems with constrained time and budgets. Nolan’s main focus is on program management, execution, and enabling teams to produce world class results. Previous experience includes executive leader (BAE Systems), Marine aviator/commander, Profit and Loss leadership (BAE Platform Solutions), International/US Defense, and non-profit boards (Jericho Project Veterans Advisory Board)., Ext. 201





Larry Mattison BW

Lawrence Mattison, Director, Product Development

Larry has over 25 years of professional experience in research engineering, product/materials development, imaging science, business management, product/materials development and technical consulting. He brings his experience in the development of innovative patented sensor products and an encompassing background as Electro-Optical Engineer and Program Manager in ‘Low Observables Technology’ programs for the U.S. Department of Defense and aerospace contractors. Larry is responsible for 3DATX product research and development, manufacturing practices/design, and implementation of test methodologies for lab and field measurement projects., Ext. 208


Andrew B BW

Andrew Burnette, Science Advisor

Andrew is a mechanical engineer with over 24 years of experience in the study of mobile source pollution and fuel efficiency. He is the founder of InfoWedge – a provider of in-use emissions measurement services and assistance in bringing new mobile source pollution control and fuel efficiency technologies to market. Andrew is also a co-author on four patents relevant to the exhaust pollution control industry.





Ed Lay

R. E. (Ed) Lay, Director / Corporate Communications

Ed is currently Managing Partner of Emeritus International Group (Emeritus) headquartered in New York. Emeritus provides project finance and risk services to the global marketplace. Lay founded Emeritus in 1995 after spending over 20 years in senior executive management positions spanning both private and public / international companies. Lay is member of the 3DATX Corporation Board of Directors based in Buffalo, NY, is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, NA and has been an advisor to the University of Tennessee College of Arts and Sciences in various capacities since 1974., Ext. 206





Xianliang (Ben) Wang, International Advisor

Xianliang (Ben) Wang received a bachelor’s degree​ from Xiamen University, China, and a PhD in the Chemical engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Ben has over 10 years of professional experience in Materials Science, Product R&D Experience, Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI), Technology Transfer and Scouting, Business Development, Creating Partnerships and Commercialization Links. He has co-authored several journal publications with applications from bio-imaging, opto-electronics, energy storage and conversion.  Ben has also created numerous strategic partnerships.  He is now serving in the New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics.  There, he has taken the lead in launching collaborative activities between universities and associated industrial and government entities and  works to build connections and visibility internationally.  Ben also serves as a business consultant for the US High-Tech companies which have a business development strategy in China. ​, Ext. 203