The parSYNC® just got better.

With new and improved electronics, and an expansion slot for both a PM Sensor Cartridge AND a GasMOD Sensor Cartridge for NOx and CO2, integrated Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (iPEMS) represent the next generation.

On-road testing is now a whole lot easier and more economical.

Features and Benefits of the parSYNC® PLUS UNIT

  • Small-size/Light-weight = Easily transported to job site
  • Low power consumption = A full day of testing
  • Rugged, water tight, weather proof construction
  • Wireless/Bluetooth/Duplexing capabilities
  • Simple to maintain and operate
  • Fully automated LabVIEW®-based software
  • Replaceable PM Sensor Cartridge (patents pending)
  • Replaceable NOx/CO2 GasMOD™ Sensor Cartridge (patents pending)