Engineered Data Solutions:  3DATX has developed a state-of-the-art, 3 dimensional data exchange capability that enables fleet managers to harness the power of complex emissions data analysis.  The result is enhanced risk management capability and improved decision making related to all aspects of fleet asset management.  Contact 3DATX today to find out how the power of 3-dimensional data analysis (3DATX) can positively impact the outcome of your current fleet management financial game plan.

Warranty and Diagnostics: At 3DATX, we stand behind everything we sell.  And that’s a promise you can depend on.  Just let us know how we can assist you with any 3DATX equipment or systems that may need repair or other adjustments.

Contact 3DATX today to learn more about how our team of transportation technology and research professionals can transform your current fleet management program into an engine of enhanced performance and profitability.